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I happened to be taking a look at my mate Mark’s weblog over on

Functional Collect

, and read through a post they have abreast of one thing the guy calls »

Constant Texter Syndrome

,» discussing study dating a korean american girl that are to their cellular phones texting all the time, also in the span of a seduction.

We placed an article abreast of

telephone calls and texting on times

during the early March discussing just this sensation, as well as on Mark’s web log we noted in a remark this particular is by no ways limited to ladies in America. It occurs in China as well, and I’ve seen it far away I visited over the last season. We dare say at this stage that it’s an international occurrence.

One other thing we mentioned in my own review to Mark’s article is exactly what I want to consider in the modern post right here: particularly, on being girls’

secret lover

. Because usually, when ladies are contacting or texting in front of you, the individuals they truly are getting in touch with would be the much more «public» folks in their particular physical lives, with whom they must maintain shows. Commonly, the main reason you are getting texted or called facing originally is exactly


you’re not a general public part of her life with public influence and accountability… of course you ask me personally, this is certainly a good thing.